Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Successful Portrait Sessions

foal_001Q: If I book a photo shoot at my farm, how long will the photographer stay and how many photos will be taken?

A: The photographer will stay as long as it takes! Basically, if the horse is co-operating e.g. standing still, ears up then the shoot can be fairly short. If multiple horses are being photographed, or you want some photos as conformation shots, some on the flat, over fences, etc. then it will obviously take longer. To save time, make sure your horse is ready at the appointed time and you have a helper on hand (for changing tack, dusting off the horse, setting fences, or even for helping get those ears up!).

Q: What do I do to prepare for a shoot?

A: It is most important that your horse and tack are spotless! The last thing you want is a lovely headshot of your horse, but lackluster tack, stray whiskers or a “mohawk” bridlepath. Scrub the markings until they are blindingly white. Spray the horse liberally with fly spray, especially the face and ears. Coat conditioners will bring out the super-shine. Light touches of baby oil will soften the muzzle, etc. Use all of your best turn-out tricks! Be ready on time to avoid being flustered when the photo shoot begins. The best shoots are the ones which are relaxed in atmosphere.

Q: What does it cost?

A: To have a photographer come to your farm will cost $30.00 per hour plus tax, and a $0.40 per km (return) travel fee. For this you will receive via email a large selection of electronic proofs taken by a professional equine photographer. For prices of reprints and enlargements, visit price list.  Do note that the photographer retains the rights to the negatives. If you have to cancel your appointment, please try and contact Time Flies at least 24 hours in advance. There is no penalty charged for cancellations.

Q: If Time Flies takes a great photo of my horse at a show, can I use it to advertise my barn?

A: Yes, but there will be a fee charged for commercial use.

Q: Can a group book an appointment?

A: Definitely! This is a great way for you to save money. The group splits the photographer’s fee, which can be quite a savings. Post a sign-up sheet at your barn and see how many people are interested. Discover dates which suit the majority and take things from there. It can be fun!

Q: When is the best time for a photo shoot?

A: The best time is late spring (after those winter coats have shed out!) through early autumn. The best time of day is up to around 11 am, then mid to late afternoon and on. Taking photos at high noon results in long shadows (and dealing with the heat of the day, which makes some horses grumpy). All Time Flies photo shoots take place outdoors.