Chemo for Zoe Fundraiser


In May 2017 my beloved, healthy, 11-year old dog, Zoe, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She was not a candidate for surgery but was a very good candidate for canine chemotherapy at OVC in Guelph. Without treatments, Zoe’s life expectancy was 6 to 8 weeks. With chemo, 10 to 12 months. Given that her form of cancer is not painful, and that she is still very much her bouncy, happy self, chemo was chosen.

Zoe is receiving chemotherapy once every three weeks at OVC. They are doing a wonderful job with her and her quality of life is still terrific. Zoe is handling the chemo really well with minimal side-effects. The chemo is expensive but manageable. However, the prescription medications, supplements, regular blood tests, xrays and ultrasounds etc. are extremely expensive.

The thought of having to make a decision about Zoe’s life based solely on money when ideally it should be made completely with her welfare and quality of life in mind is horrifying so I have set up a fundraising campaign online.

100% of the donations will go towards Zoe’s chemotherapy and additional medication and tests.

I am also in the process of organizing an upcoming fundraiser. For every $50 donation to Zoe’s chemo fund, the donor will receive a ballot for a draw for a portrait shoot package. More on that coming soon!

Thank you for considering making a donation.

–Sandi Hall Henning